Saturday, September 15, 2012

By Grace

         Always Earned. Never Given. The Marines.

I saw this motto emblazoned on the side of an 18-wheeler as I was driving on 75 south. Underneath the words was a picture of the Marine sword. I thought the statement was a good one: succinct, true, and captures the spirit of being a Marine. 

I am grateful for the sacrifices Marines and other armed forces make so that I can live and breathe in a country that is free. That sacrifice extends to the ultimate sacrifice of life. So when I see a member of the armed forces I want to remember to say, "Thank you. I appreciate your service and sacrifice.

Because of the Marines, I get freedom to do as I will. But I don't earn the title of Marine without doing the work.

I like to play with words. So when I read that motto, I immediately thought of the opposite proposal that God made to me:

Always given. Never Earned. 
Daughter of the King.

I got into the kingdom family by not being able to earn the title, by not being enough, by realizing I couldn't keep the law perfectly or even nearly perfectly. I recognized my need for a Savior and I cried out to the only true One. Even now, though I sin less, I am not sinless. Rather, it is the righteous robe of Christ that covers me and gives me the status of princess in the kingdom. 

I guess you could say I was born into royalty by the grace of God.

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