Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Set Apart

Levi, who is now four years old, asked me this question:" Did God make everybody special?"

"Yes, He did", I said.

"But, what about people who are bad?" (With this he points to Darth Vader on his Lego Star Wars pajamas.)

"What about this bad guy? How can he be special?"

Good question....

This is my attempt at answering him: "Yes, God made him special too. But when he chose bad things, he hurt his specialness. It was still there, but it was hurt and he couldn't use it. He was choosing his own way instead of God's. When you go your way, you are going against how you were made special. When Darth Vader was dying, he saw how wrong he had been and said he was sorry. He wished he had used his specialness for God." (Ok, I took some liberties. Deal with it, George Lucas.)

Even at this age Levi understands that to be special is to be set apart. God uses the word "holy" to describe this setting apart. God calls Himself holy and makes it clear that there is no one like Him.

God also says to us, "Be holy as I am holy."

This speaks to at least two things: being separated from sin and being separated to whom God created me to be. I am focusing today on the second part.

When I try to do it all or I try to be someone I am not, I will always miss out on the person the Father created me to be me. I have gifts, callings, and abilities that He has given me. When I choose to rest in those, I am honoring Him. I am walking in holiness.

God loves to see me write, teach, cook, and decorate. God loves it when I use my gifts in relationship. Cooking for the family or friends and enjoying the meal and conversation are real ways of honoring God. Writing my blog, as well as writing notes of encouragement and letters of appreciation to others bring glory to Him. Teaching a child God's Word or how to read or draw blesses the Father. Creating beauty out of old forgotten things reflects God's own redemptive purposes as He takes all of our past, good and bad to make things new and beautiful.

All of these things tell of my uniqueness and the design the Creator established for me.

When I look at my own children, I don't think, "Oh, it's too bad she can't do..." or "It's really a bummer he isn't more gifted in the area of...." No, I am excited about what they can do, what they look like, how they are made. I admire their qualities. I rejoice in how they were created and in the passions God has put in their hearts. Each one is unique, different from his or her siblings in various ways. Each one brings a smile to my face. And nothing is more fun than watching them rest in being who they were created to be.

God made you special, as well. He delights to see you excel in the gifts He has given you. He rejoices to see you let go of things that He never called you to do or be. Walking in relationship with Him, hearing His voice, resting in who He made you to be, and giving thanks for how He created you are all ways to "Be holy as He is holy."

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