Friday, January 27, 2012

The Genie in the Lamp

I remember those Saturday morning cartoons where Bugs Bunny would find a lamp. Rub the lamp. Genie appears. Three wishes granted. Sad to say, but I sometimes approach God the same way. Open Bible. Read verse. Say thanks and start making those requests.

And hey-hey, God is infinite! No need to limit myself to three measly requests; I can get anything I want! God is all about bringing joy and good stuff into my life.

Reality check: God is more interested in my heart than in keeping me warm and comfortable.

Even though my Father cares for me and wants me to ask of Him, there is something He desires even more. He wants me to seek Him and know Him for the joy of knowing Him.

Knowing Him! I, Karen Cone, mortal, human being, and sinner get to walk into the throne room of grace to know, talk to and relate to the Living God, Creator of heaven and earth. It's mind-boggling, really.

Knowing Him does require discipline on my part. For me it means rising a little earlier so that I can sit at His feet and incline my ear to hear His voice. It means saying no to things that are good and sticking to that which is best.

My Father is no genie. He doesn't answer to me or anyone else. He is not magical, but mysterious. A lamp, a bottle or box can't hold Him. He is big, way beyond genie-size; He encompasses all of heaven and earth.

"...the glory of the LORD fills the whole earth...."

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