Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friends Who Call

I have this funny thing about phones. I don't like talking on them. Oh, they are okay for calling and making reservations or scheduling pest control and things like that. But, when it comes to really talking and conversing with friends and family, I don't like a phone. I like to see your face and your expressions as you are talking. I like to know that I am not interrupting your meal, another important conversation, or some task you were in the middle of. Body language and facial expressions are 80% of the message in communication, so I feel I am missing out when communicating by phone.

However, every once in awhile, I will call a friend anyway. Often, I will get their voicemail. And many times that friend will call me back, listen intently, encourage me, and say words I needed to hear. I am so thankful for those friends who care enough to call me back. 

But, there is a rare kind of call that I get from a friend. I appreciate this call even more. It is the conversation that starts with this thought: "I had to call you. You have been on my mind all day. I have been praying for you."

I received such a call recently at a time when my emotions where getting the best of me. The day had been rough. I was having a hard time bringing my anxious thoughts under control. I was feeling insecure and unsure of myself. Then my friend Jessica called. "I've been thinking about you all day," she said.

Jessica went on to say several encouraging things I needed to hear; things I had been questioning myself about. How did she know that I was hurting? How did she know just what I needed to hear? I believe that Jessica was sensitive to what the Holy Spirit was doing in her that day. She was walking in the Spirit and listening and praying and she called.

That is a call that I love to get. That is a call that says, "I love you." That is a call that says, "The Father loves you and has brought you to mind." It is like a double whammy of loving-kindness: my God knows and cares and He brings me up to a friend who knows and cares about me too. I feel safe and warm and cared for.

"A friend loves at all times."
Proverbs 17:17

If God has put someone on your heart or mind today, why not give them a call and let them know. You won't regret it.

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