Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lessons from Levi

Levi, my youngest son, teaches me something new almost every day.  Of course, I have to be paying attention to what he is saying, but his unique three year old perspective and vocabulary really paint a picture for me at times.

One night I was lying down on the bed with Levi and I was waiting for him to fall asleep. He was afraid because he is a little human being and human beings are known to be fearful.  I was telling him how the Bible says, "When I am afraid, I will trust in You."  I was explaining that being afraid is normal, but that we have a God who is with us all the time and that we can trust in Him.

Levi looked all around his darkened room and asked me, "If God is here with us, then why don't I see Him? Where is He?"  Well, if you have little ones you know these questions can get tricky.  How do I explain that God is a Spirit and has not a body like man?  And if I  have been talking about Jesus, then I have to cover the fact that He is God and was given a body and now has a resurrected and glorified body in heaven.  And then because Jesus has ascended to heaven, we won't see that resurrected body until we too are resurrected.  And on and on I can go. Things can get deep pretty fast and I wanted to keep it simple.  So, I kept the focus on that God cannot always be seen by us, but that He is there with us all the time wherever we go.  Levi was perplexed still. I could see his little wheels turning.

After a few more rounds of the same question, "Where is He? I don't see Him,"  and the same answer from me, "God is a Spirit and we cannot see Him now, but He has promised to be with us always.  Jesus said, 'I am with you always.'"  Then the aha moment came.  Levi looked at me and said, "I know where Jesus is.  He is right here behind my back." And he touched the small of his back.

Well, of course, that was cute and adorable and all of those things, but more than that it made me think:   I can see what is in front of me, but not what is coming from behind.  But God can.  Jesus is not just with me, He also has me covered.  I am not alone and I am not unprotected.  I have a Fortress, a Shield, and a Defender and He is with me always, even to the end of the age.  God's got my back.

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