Monday, April 11, 2011

God Cheers for Me

Baseball, basketball, football, and now lacrosse. I have spent many years cheering for my children as they played sports, and I have a few more years to go. Every parent with a little athlete knows that not much can compare with the excitement of watching your child make a good play on the field or court (except seeing them make good decisions in life!).

I think I can remember almost every great play, move, hit, basket Taylor or Caleb ever made. I can remember an amazing spin move Taylor put on a difficult opponent as she drove to the basket to score. I can remember when Caleb single-handedly turned a triple play in Little League. On both of those occasions and many more, my heart sang with joy. I found myself yelling things like, "Way to go, Taylor! That's my girl!" and "Good job, Caleb! That's my boy!"

I've never won the lottery, but it is hard for me to imagine that winning a million could even come close to the excitement of of those moments when I am encouraging my child on a job well done.

As God is my heavenly Father, I believe He cheers for me in much the same way I cheer for my kids. The Father is watching me every day; looking for where He can encourage and say, "Way to go, Karen!" He is looking intently, not to see me fail or trip up, but because He loves me and is interested in me.

When I hear His voice and follow His leading, I can hear my Father saying, "Yes! Way to go, Karen! You are learning. I am so proud of you!" There is something powerful in knowing that the Father is for me, that He is right there with me, pulling for me. How can I not love Someone who loves me like that?

Right now, I only hear those words in my soul, but one day when I cross over into eternity, I am longing to hear, "Attagirl, good and faithful servant. Come and share in your Master's happiness!" And what a joy it will be to run into His arms to celebrate. Even now, Come, Lord Jesus!


  1. Thoughtful! I never really thought of it that way. But just like it does for our children it is one day being told we have been a "good and faithful servant" that keeps us focused on trying our best to faithfully follow Jesus rather than getting hung-up on our failures.

  2. Amen Sister!! Not only can we passionatly pursue Jesus but He passionatly pursues US! What an incredible picture of our Mighty Daddy!!