Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making God Laugh

"Mr. Wilson says that if you want to give God a good laugh, tell Him your future plans." Dennis the Menace.

I spend most of my days keeping God rolling on the floor laughing. I like to plan and to know and to work out what will happen in the future. A part of that is a God-thing: He has put eternity in my heart and I am made to dream and plan and hope. However, the other part can be a flesh-thing: when I am trying to control elements that God did not put me over, when I am demanding my life/dreams play out in a certain manner, when I cannot even live in this moment that God has given me and be thankful for it because I am fearful of the future, then I am out of touch with what God does have for me.

Maybe today I will make God laugh with joy by trusting Him and His plan for me instead of keeping Him in stitches over the foolishness of my efforts to attain that which is beyond my reach.

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  1. "Maybe today I will make God laugh with joy by trusting Him." I love that! That's got to be the best way of "entertaining" Him. ; )