Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Living in the Land of Enchantment

"In the old stories, (disenchantment) meant that the spell cast by the evil sorcerer was broken and there was the chance to escape. Such times come to us...when some great enterprise, pursuit, or person on which we have built our hopes fails to deliver what (we thought) was promised." Timothy Keller, Counterfeit Gods

Usually we think of disenchantment as a negative: a loss of innocence and the grief over that loss. And while becoming disenchanted includes grief and loss, it is much more about being awakened to that which is real. For the first time I am seeing with new eyes the truth that has been hidden away. The alarm clock is going off, someone is shaking me, the drug is wearing off, and I am aware that I was in a fog, a dream, where things were not as they appeared. The beautiful house is not going to last, the new car is going to rust, the body is dying, the youth is fading, the romance is not up to the fairy tale standard, the career is leaving something to be desired.....the enchantment is gone and the opportunity arises.

In my own life, my enchantment with a very good thing led to disappointment, hurt, and loss again and again. Before I was awakened to the reality that my husband and children could never really fulfill my deepest needs, I would spend 17 or more years grasping for the love and significance that I could only find in my Savior. Even though I knew Christ, I looked to the family for my value and significance. If the family failed, I failed. If the children acted like children, then I had not trained them well enough. I needed to be disenchanted: to come out of my sleep and seize the opportunity to choose the true and living God.

Don't misunderstand: families are good things, given to us by the Giver of all good things. But, I can't allow the blessing to take the place of the One who blesses.

Husbands and children are not created with the capacity to be God for me, so it doesn't work when I try to enslave them to my idea of deity. I have to allow them to come down from their thrones and to have the freedom to fail me. And fail me, they will; just as I fail them in small and sometimes big ways. In the act of freeing them from being responsible for my happiness, I find that I am freed as well.

Isn't it time to wake up and worship the only One who will never fail you?


  1. Love this Karen - hope you plan to keep blogging!

  2. I am very excited about the new space you've created here! Keep it up, girl! We need to hear what's He's taught you and we need a safe place to share.